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Our teams combined experience in property spans well over 100 years which includes property management, planning, property licencing, refurbishment, interior design and development. Find out first hand from our landlord how you can benefit from our services.

Rent guaranteed during your contract

Out typical contracts are 3 to 5 years.  During this period we guarantee your rent which is backed by various insurance products, our management experience and market knowledge to ensure that you get paid what we promised.

Achieve above market rental income

We are able to offer market rent and in most cases above market rent compared to renting out your property as one unit.  We make our money through adding value to your property and renting to high end working professionals who are looking to live in high quality homes with other like minded individuals.

Save money with zero voids

According to Direct Line landlords landlords in London are left with 20 days of uncollected rental income between tenancies which equates to £1860 (see article source here).  Our landlords risk much higher losses of income if the property was not let out as the rents are generally higher than average.   We have saved our landlords to date between £2000 and £6000 of uncollected rental income during the term of their contract with us.

Save money with no fees

We don’t charge any fees to landlords using our service so you get to take home all of the rent we promise you.

Free Management with regular cleaning and gardening and regular inspections

We manage our properties like a tight ship offering cleaning and gardening services, regular site visits and reporting.  We make ourselves accessible to all our tenants so that any potential issues can be reported and dealt with quickly.  We also carry out a deep clean of the property periodically when required rather than waiting until the end of the rental agreement, that way we help your property to continue to look amazing.

Free Interior design and furnishings

Before we take on any property we assess what is required to prepare your property for our sharers.  We carry out any interior design and provide furnishings where required which we cover the cost for.  We understand the sentimental and emotional attachment to your home as most of the properties we manage were once the primary family home for our landlords at some stage in their lifetime.  We rarely make structural changes and in the rare occasion we have to it is done with verbal and written consent from you.

Free Property Licencing and Regulation Assessment

Renting with us could not be simpler. Before we take on a property we check with Government and Local Council guidelines what is required to make the property compliant for sharers. We can also take care of any gas and electric certificates. In most instances the council will require us to obtain licence permitting us to rent out to sharers.  We not only pay for this but also manage the relationship with the council and carry out any health and safety works required to make the property compliant, saving you thousands of pounds.  Any changes are pre-agreed with you in writing and carried out conservatively so that your property continues to look like a home.

Transparency and Peace of Mind

We work in a very transparent way with our landlords and agents, getting back in a timely manor to any questions.  We are proud on how we manage our properties we are happy to allow landlords and agents carry out inspections at any stage of the tenancy. If you need more information to help you make a decision on whether you would like to work with us we are more than happy to show you around any of our properties.  All of our landlords have reported positively with high levels of satisfaction after every inspection.

Carefully selected responsible tenants

We carry out thorough checks on our tenants.  Firstly we interview for their character and if they will be a good fit for the house.  Once we are happy we carry reference them, checking bank statements, credit score, employment references, proof of address, eligibility to live and work in the UK, passport etc.  Only when we are happy can the prospective tenant move in.  We only take on tenants which are classified as ‘low risk’ by our referencing standards.