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Are you an Estate or Letting Agency?

We have worked with a number of established high street Letting Agents and boutique agents helping them to rent out properties which have been difficult to rent out to families and in the process help their landlords to reduce rental void periods and achieve higher rents.  Would you like to work with us?  These are some of the benefits we have been able to deliver for agents we have worked with:

Quick execution

We understand the importance of time.  We can put in an offer and take on the property immediately helping to save your client money from loss of income through rental voids.

Save time and money

You will earn your usual fee with the landlord and we will do all the work so you can focus on growing your business.  Our agreement will have no impact on your fees and your tenant fees will be paid by us.

Preserve the relationship with your landlord

Unless agreed otherwise, we pay the landlords rent directly to your account like any other tenant would so you have both visibility over us and control over your clients relationship.  Any contract renewals will be done through yourself, after all we hope that this will be the first of many properties we take on through you.

Mitigate your risks

We reference all of our tenants by checking credit score, previous landlord references, income, affordability, bank statements, employment history and employment references to reduce any potential risks.  In addition to our solid experience managing our tenants and properties we have various insurance products to help mitigate any risks like non payment of rent or damage to the property.